Monday, 12 July 2010

Judge As-Yet-Untitled

I've always been a big fan of Judge Dredd and 2000AD, which was my introduction to comics prior to becoming a big fan of a lot of DC and Black Horse stuff. Dredd, although set in a future USA, seems irrevocably British - the sense of humour, the character names, the block names. It took me a while to realise that it was even set in America, and even to this day it's quite difficult to imagine Dredd speaking in an American accent...

Recently, Mongoose Games has released some playtest rules on their website for a new Judge Dredd miniatures game. My main gaming friend and I have been looking for something new to try lately, and both being big fans of Judge Dredd and enjoying the overall aesthetic of Mega City 1 we have decided to give the rules a try. They seem rather close in force selection to Songs of Blades and Heroes in that your imagination and points choice is the limit regarding what you can have in a gang/force. Another good thing about the rules is that I already have a bunch of miniatures that would fit pretty seamlessly into the game - a bunch of different Necromunda gangs (done in my wasteland style) that would work well.

The first specific miniature I picked up was a Judge Dredd Heroclix. Pretty cheap off eBay, I liked the pose and although it was rather tall (partly to the aforementioned pose) I thought it would fit the imposing nature of the character. When I got him I realised that I couldn't do what I've done with previous 'clix and just paint over - the paint was far too thick. I attempted to strip it with Fairy Power Spray with no luck, ending up having to use nail varnish remover. This left the lawgiver pistol rather flexible, so I replaced the barrel with some plastic tubing. I began painting (suffering a calamity as the freshly sprayed miniature fell onto some carpet, leaving it slightly covered in hairs...) but was not happy with the way it was turning out. Which led, finally, to me chopping his head, shoulder pad and gun off, creating this:

I replaced the lawgiver pistol with one from a Space Marine Scout, removed the clip and the rivets to make it sleeker, gave it a laspistol barrel partly to distinguish it from the recognisable bolt pistol, plus the previous barrel had been removed at some point. The left shoulder pad was replaced with a cut down SM Terminator one and the new head is from the Pig Iron Kolony Rebels. He's either a rogue Judge hiding out in the Cursed Wastes or a Judge posted to a settlement out there...

Input is most welcome!


  1. Yeah, with that grill he looks like he's spent time on Titan.

    The old Dredd stuff indeed rocks hard.

  2. That's what I was thinking :) Looking forward to Mongoose bringing out some new miniatures for it too!