Saturday, 17 July 2010

Sculpting Lego Hair...

Quite a random update now :)

A good friend came to visit earlier, bringing a tupperware box full of Lego figures for me, with a slight request...

Next weekend we're going to a local music festival and a couple of my friends have decided to create a board game to surprise the group with on the morning after the first night of drunken debauchery! The game is in a Monopoly-style and the friends creating it have asked me to make some player figures based on the characters in the game. The characters in the game are actually 5 of our closest friends.

I started by sorting through the box of Lego figures and choosing the plainest in the bunch. I also retrieved some lipped-Warmachine-style bases from my base draw, covering the slots with some superglued card. Cleaning up the figures, I glued the torsos to the legs and glued the legs in the standing position and any loose hands were glued in place I used a small emery board to sand off any decal details and to key the surface prior to the primer. They were then glued to the bases, with sand added to soak up excess superglue and begin the muddy festival basing scheme. The heads were kept seperate whilst I spray-primed the figures grey.

I then found some spare (damaged and armless) bodies amongst the box, gluing them to some washers so I was able to have somewhere stable to sculpt on. I popped the heads onto the bodies and used greenstuff to sculpt some hair in the particular styles of my friends (Facebook was a helpful reference). Above you can see Tom and Suze :)

And this is Jimmy and Kayleigh. The fifth friend has been given the extreme honour of having hair provided by Qui Gon Jinn...

Hope you liked this update, they'll need painting ASAP so hopefully I'll have a completed update in a few days! Thanks for reading!