Wednesday, 12 May 2010

I heard you were dead...

Finished this gentleman off this evening...

"Cobra" from Hasslefree Miniatures, their "not-Snake Plissken". I loved Escape from New York and had to have this when I first saw the preview sculpt. Lovely fine detail in it!

Paintwise there wasn't much I could do - I really wanted to keep to the scheme from the film, which meant blacks and greys in varying tones, but I'm happy with the outcome. This is the second time I've repainted him - he took a nosedive from the top of my cabinet, chipping much of the paint on my original version. I'm very much looking forward to him getting out and slaughtering some zeds...


  1. I love this model and you have done it mucho justice with your paint job. In fact, you've inspired me to pick this one up, thanks.

  2. I thought he was in a bigger scale...;-)