Thursday, 13 May 2010

The first miniature I sculpted...

As the title clearly suggests, this is the first miniature I've ever sculpted...and even then, I've only sculpted half or so!

When I returned to the wargaming hobby I was originally just messing about with the stuff I had left over after a huge eBay purge had seen most of my armies sold. This guy was one of the first things I made, using a pair of Ogryn legs I had left over for some reason. He's a Scaly, from Necromunda, based on the artwork in the Redeemer comics published by Games Workshop in various forms. In that, the scalys are a lot more hulking and bit more barbarian (they're described as living in tribes in the underhive, if I recall correctly).

A few years have gone by since the sculpting was done, and I'd made him a speargun around the same time. I rediscovered the miniature recently and decided to finish his assembly and finally paint him! So, here he is, with the yellow skintone of the Big Mutants from Fallout3.


  1. He's awesome, the face/head is my favorite part just because of the toothy expression. If this were a fig, I'd buy it for sure, especially as a Scaly. The new Scalies have got nothing on the original ones...

  2. HFS that's awesome, I loved the old Wayne Reynolds illustrated Necromunda comics!