Friday, 26 March 2010

Wargames in an Epic scale...

Well, a few of my online-friends have recently been showing me some great blogs and plogs from around the internet featuring some fantastic Epic armies. I've never been a huge fan of the scale, despite the ability to field Titans (which I've always found to be rather great, totally imposing, since getting into the hobby) and other superheavy vehicles. Browsing eBay (which has some ridiculously priced Epic out-of-production stuff) I managed to find a cheap bunch of Lost and the Damned Chaos stuff to try out...

Mutants (Beastmen) - I think these are actually quite decent with a little work, I'll be replacing or pruning their blades here and there, adding rocks to their bases - things like that, just to keep them interesting. On the subject of basing, as shown, I'll be using pennies, as I really don't think the current Epic edition basing strips fit the aesthetic of a horde army.

Big Mutants (Minotaurs and Trolls) - Managed to get a decent amount of these in the auction, but the weapons are fairly horrible on the standard models - the troll looks like he has a chicken drumstick for a weapon, and the chunky axe on the minotaur was pants. I replaced them with the black plasticard as shown. They'll get new axes and other weapons to mix it up a bit.

Traitor Leman Russes - they're supposed to be something like the the cheaper knock-off tanks produced on the less well-equipped Forgeworlds, such as Urdesh from the Gaunt's Ghosts novels. They're Ork Battlewagons (of which I got around 14 in another cheap eBay auction), which are fairly plain apart from the cutty/choppy/rolly weapons they usually have where a dozer blade would be on an Imperial tank. I removed these and cleaned them up, modified their cannon a little to make them slightly more human. They're also mounted on coins, like the rest, as I always think it looks great in Epic.

I've always preferred the Lost and the Damned to Chaos Space Marines and I'm looking forward to adding more tanks, cultists, plague zombies and traitor guardsmen to the army!

In the past couple of weeks I've been gaming more than I have in the past few years, which feels great - it's nice to actually get around to doing something with the stuff I've painted and modelled for years now! My gaming buddy and I are talking about the possibility of a Necromunda/Inquisitor/BFG campaign in the making, as well as more Space Hulk (I'm working on getting all of the Genestealers painted - they're all basecoated now, which looks nicer on the board), Blood Bowl and 40k. It's very nice to be able to explore the gaming side of the hobby as well as the hobby side of things!

Comments most welcome :) I'll be expanding on the future gaming prospects soon!

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