Saturday, 20 March 2010

Space Hulk and Dusting


I haven't got much done this week. I'd had a bunch of different things planned, but in the end I had a bit of a clean out - when I finish painting miniatures they generally go on the top of my display cabinet. Lately though, even that's been full, so I've been packing them away when they're finished. The overcrowded cabinet has been a thorn in my side for a while though, so the past couple of days (when I would normally have been painting) I've been having a tidy up.

The dust on the top of the cabinet was shocking:

Nasty eh? In my defence, I've recently started up an arts and crafts business making wooden gifts, and sanding those = lots of dust. So from now on, all sanding will be done in the workshop/garage downstairs or outside. My cabinet was also totally overcrowded, and I wanted to sell off a bunch of different miniatures, so I cleared everything out, got out the glass cleaning spray and sorted that all out. Now it looks like this in there:

My horde of Mordheim Mercenaries is on the top shelf, they'll eventually be joined by my Escher gang (whose base-sidings needed fixing up).

My Shadow Wraith Space Marines on the second shelf down - previously these were kinda spread throughout the cabinet, some have now been packed away.

Last glass shelf is for my Blood Bowl humans and some odds and ends - some miniatures I've received as gifts, others that I just like - a Chimera from schoolcormorant will be in the left corner eventually, but the heavy stubber has come off it.

Another reason I haven't gotten much done this week is because I had my first game of Space Hulk (and first game of anything wargame-y since Games Day 2008!) on tuesday - this is how it went:

We played the first mission from the game, and we both hadn't played hulk before (I think I played 2nd edition a few times about 10 years ago, but with my gaming group back then). So this was to gently introduce us to the game, so we didn't use the timer for the Marines. It went rather well I think - we both enjoyed it, my friend took Marines and I took 'stealers. It looked like the Marines were going to get wiped out straight away, with me getting mostly 3-stealer blips, but his flamer and Sergeant managed to get close to their objective. The Sergeant sacrificed himself to let the flamer complete the mission, who blocked off the entry way with some bursts of flames...

...turning on his next turn to enter the control room and turn up the heat :)

It was a rather good game, and would have been a lot smoother had we a clearer understanding of the rules. For the next game I'm going have a good read up of the rules and the missions, so we can just get straight into it.

I also did a little work on these to finish them off for undercoating - a Sorcerer, objective marker (the Daemonette statue) and 5 Plague Marines.

They're based for Space Hulk, with a view to changing up the forces a little bit in the future - I have some Space Crusade power armoured Imperials and of the Chaos Marines to be working on also.

Comments most welcome :)

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