Sunday, 7 March 2010

Don't you love it when... finish a project that seemed to take absolutely ages?

I've had no time to paint stuff recently, but I decided to have a day off yesterday and complete some projects. First up was my Terminator Squad:

The last two Terminators for my 10-man Squad - these have been WIP for ages now, so it's great to get them finished up. I literally had to dust off the squad for the photos - I think everything in my display cabinet needs a bit of a dust, just goes to show how I never hardly play!

The last 5 members of my Commissar Cadet squad (that I've wanted to do for about 10 years, ever since I first saw the idea in the good ol' Citadel Journal *goes misty-eyed*). Another group of minis that have sat diligently on my desk awaiting completion for a few months. Their jackets, boots and caps are supposed to look like patent leather - I'm rather happy with the way this squad has turned out, and even happier that they cost me next to nothing - 8 of the troops came from a friend, the squad leader came from eBay in a really cheap auction and another trooper came from...uhm, elsewhere, I forget.

The Mussolini-esque character giving the fascist salute is going to be a character in my Wasteland setting, where he'll be the leader of an enclave of stereotypical bad guy fascist/nazi types. The squad will double up as his honour guard and the earlier painted Warzone mercenary guys. The idea behind the squad leader is that he was a retired Commissar pushed back into action for whatever reason - his chainsword is supposed to be the original beat-up one he was issued when he first became a full Commissar. The ammo belt is explained (as he's wielding a laspistol...) as being ammo for his backup stub-pistol, still in-holster.

This is the complete squad. I also have a Mordian with a missile launcher kicking around somewhere, I'll have to get him sorted out as a bit of extra stopping power for the Wasteland faction. The faction will also incorporate "slave troops" into it's ranks when they take over various gangs, so I'll have to figure out some way of showing that - perhaps a sort of handler for the gangs (who'll be formed up into disposable cannon-fodder squads). Probably quite heavily armoured, with shock batons and shields...

Any thoughts on minis for the "handlers"? I'd love to hear any suggestions - drop me a comment below!

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  1. Congrats on finishing one of those projects that never seems to die. I know there are a couple of those hiding around on my workbench as well.

    I think you've pulled off a sufficiently leathery look to the gear. I thought they looked like leather hats before I read your summary, so you must've done something right!

    As for handlers and gangs, maybe you can use the squad leaders as the handlers for each unit, or perhaps you can just use your gangs as conscripts, and have a unit of Arbites with shields (to represent the better armor save) as Vets that keep them in-line?