Wednesday, 24 February 2010

This place is a dump...

I haven't had much time for painting and modelling lately - I've recently begun working towards starting an arts and crafts business, making various gifts - wooden signs and plaques for the most part. That, as well as working on a market stall on a weekend, has taken up most of my time. After working on Sunday I decided that Monday was going to be a day off and that I'd do some painting for a change - here are the fruits of my labour:

Radioactive waste/Forced Evolutionary Virus containers. These were rather cheap on eBay, I'm very happy with how they've turned out!

The "Fly-Tipping Pile" from Black Cat Bases - this was one my Christmas presents off my parents, mentioned earlier in the blog. I really like how this has turned out - I have a few more bits and pieces from them to paint and then I might put in another small order to add extra character to my wasteland.

That's it for today - I've also been working on the rest of my Commissar Cadet (Penal Legion) squad, a wasteland character (a fascist dictator...) and a German Officer for my pulp/weird WWII games. Hopefully it won't take me so long between updates next time!

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  1. They're quite good mate, I think things like these add so much to the game. Can't wait to see the cadets!