Monday, 4 January 2010

Looking back...

Well, I have been meaning to write this since somewhere near Christmas day, in anticipation of the new year and obligatory "resolutions" post :)

This is a look back over some of my projects of the last year, all the miniatures and terrain shown are examples of the work I got finished in 2009 and should give some nice indicators as to the direction of my projects in 2010. Click any of the photos for higher resolution photos - if anyone wants to see any of the minis in more detail, ask in the comments section and I'll post up some nicer pictures...

These are my Imperial Space Marines, a custom Chapter - the Shadow Wraiths. These are my largest army - I currently have something near a Battle company of Marines for these and have a number of squads to finish off - the 15 Terminators shown earlier in my blog, a Tactical squad, an Assault squad, a Sternguard squad also shown work-in-progress earlier in the blog, various Chaplains and Librarians and plans for a dual Thunder Mace-wielding Chapter Master.

My Chaos forces are a project that started sometime in the past year or so - I've had a bunch of stuff work-in-progress for a while now. It's actually two armies - a mixed force of Chaos Daemons and an army of Chaos Renegades named the Vulture Legion, who are a piratical warband drawn from various Chaos Legions and Renegade Chapters, who ceremonially strip their power armour back to the ceramite in vats of chemicals, then repainting half blood red in dedication to the overlord of the Vulture Legion. They also take on Mercenaries and Cult Troops - for example, the Tzeentchian Vorpal Brotherhood shown in the picture. In the next year both armies will be gaining reinforcements, with a squad of Plaguemarines, a squad of Havocs and a large murder-squad of Beserkers on the way for the Marines, and Fiends, Beasts and more Flamers on the way for the daemons.

This really began as a side project this year - a skirmish game combining elements of Necromunda and Gorkamorka, with a distinctly post-apocalyptic feel. Yeah, I was playing a lot of Fallout3! I have a number of ideas for this buzzing around my head, with a Fallout-like not-Earth planet combined with a Firefly-esque universe. I think I'll have completed somewhere in the region of 100 miniatures for this project this year alone, with another 60 or so miniatures rebased to fit with it. At the moment I have 5 full gangs/warbands for this, with more planned. I also have the zombies shown above, then 40 "rad-ghouls" made from the GW Fantasy plastic ghouls. I recently added some scavengers to my collection from em4 Miniatures and Copplestone Castings, so these will be seen in the new year, as well as even more...

Wasteland Terrain! Note the landmines around the playground. I love this project, and it works just as nicely with Warhammer 40k as it does with the Wasteland games. In this next year I intend to add a scavenger fortress to this collection, as well as even more car wrecks, more barricades, roads and a collapsed overpass, maybes some dead giant beasts (just skeletons remaining), crashed ships, more piles of scrap - all sorts! More about this in the near future...

Thanks for reading!


  1. You painted all of that this past year? Quite impressive.

    On a more dark-hearted note, the thought of a playground as terrain for a 40k battle creeps me out...

    Best of luck to you in the new year!

  2. Actually, that's about half of what I've painted in the past year - I've had a lot (a LOT!) of spare time thanks to a knee injury.

    Thanks for the first comment on my blog - the playground was heavily inspired by the many littering the post-apocalyptic wastes of the Capital Wasteland in Fallout3 - especially the one in the town Minefield... :)