Sunday, 27 December 2009

Magnetic Personalities...

Well, I've had another night without sleep, thanks to my shoddy knees. On the plus side, I have managed to get some more work done on the Space Hulk Terminators. I've finished magnetising the above 6 and I am now beginning to model their bases with scraps of plasticard. I'll probably end up adding a little bit more detail to their standard inbuilt bases, so they'll look nicer on the game board and on their 40mm gaming bases.

To show how I'm magnetising them - a magnet in each foot/each side and then corresponding magnets in the bases. They're flush on both sides, so they fit nicely onto their bases.

Showing the progress so far. I am very tempted to undercoat them, but I'll hold back for now. Perhaps once I have their bases finished and the gun barrels drilled, but I may wait until I have the whole of the Blood Angels Terminators magnetised. The only one that presents a problem is the Librarian, due to his hollow base, but I'll solve that with some creative plasticard and greenstuff work!

Stay tuned, more to come soon. Although today will probably be low in output due to the lack of sleep and drowsiness thanks to painkillers...

Oh, and the other reason my progress might be glacial - I picked up Dead Rising, a game I've wanted to play since the release of the Xbox360 a couple of years ago. I adore zombie films, and that seemed the most close to the Romero classics. On my first play it seems really rather good, but a lot more melee-oriented than shooting. In fact, the shooting controls are bloody horrible. Urk.

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