Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Well, I had another post planned as a sort of New Years Resolutions/looking ahead blog, but that will be coming later in the week. For now, we have a small update with some of the miniatures I'm working on.

I'm still chiselling away at the Terminator Horde I have work-in-progress. These are two that I've got to somewhere near 80% - the next step will be to gloss coat the black portions of their armour, then add chipped metal on edges and other areas that would likely get worn easily. Then markings, weathering and basing. Slowly getting there! I now remember why I limited my batch painting of the other squad of Terminators to blocks of 2 or 3 - they can really drag on and on...

As a semi-distraction I decided to start the "busy work" of the Space Hulk box - the door/portal holders. I began by spray undercoating them (black, on the reverse of this piece of cardboard). I then mixed up a watered down version of BG metal with some blue and purple in it. It was a nice dark metal, and I hope to have enough left in the pot to do all of the bases for the game with it.

I then created a wash with some Blue Ink, Chaos Black, Johnsons Klear (it's a floor product, but is used in washes and the like to aid the flow...or something) and water, and applied it to all of the door holders, now attached to the reverse of the cardboard with blu-tak. Once this had dried I watered down some Vermin Brown and used it to add a few patches of rust here and there. After that dried, I used some Tamiya Clear Red and added some spilt blood on some of them. Turned out nicely I think!

The doors altogether, with card inserts.

I cleaned up and spray undercoated the objectives - first black and then a light coat of white spray. Not sure how to paint the CAT yet, but I have schemes for the dead marine and chalice worked out in my head.

Something else I'm on with - stripping a bunch of random miniatures for various projects. A cheap eBay lot got me various Marines from Space Crusade - they will be used to make a nice retro squad for Space Hulk, as well as a squad of Chaos Space Marines and a squad of Plague Marines for a bit of variety with the forces involved!

Welcome to my followers, it was quite exciting to see that I have 4 of you guys! Thanks!

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