Tuesday, 22 December 2009

That's how ya got a bullet blasted through ya head...

I thought the title was appropriate, given the nature of the miniatures I'm updating with, and the recent goings on in the UK music charts.

A little bit more background to my wargames hobby now; Around about 6 years ago I became very much disenchanted with the wargames hobby. It seems like most people in the hobby go through similar stages, was just a bit fed up with it, decided to spend my money elsewhere. I didn't have much income at the time (not that that has changed...) and had more pressing matters to attend to (trying to afford rent, for example) which led to me leaving the hobby for a while, selling off a bunch of stuff and even binning some stuff (I seem to remember a big box of Necromunda bulkheads and card terrain going in the bin), which really makes me want to weep now.

Ah well.
Through all of this, I hung on to various things, either due to them being well hidden during the frantic eBaying and binning sessions, or general nostalgia. When I returned to the hobby (just when I thought I was out...) I happened to still have a bunch of Marines (they'd been languishing in brake fluid for a while, I was stripping them for sale on eBay), various "Specialist Games" stuff (some Necromunda stuff, an Imperial BFG fleet, a kitbashed Blood Bowl team, Mordheim miniatures) and the remains of my primary pre-fall army - the Imperial Guard.

When the plastic Cadians were released I bought lots of them. I had a decent sized army, somewhere between 2000 and 3000 points depending on Inquisition allies. When I "left" the hobby, I sold off a
bunch of the heavy weapons teams, several very nice (in my opinion) and heavily converted veteran squads, a full Ratling sniper squad, various tanks and a squadron of Sentinels, not to mention most of the support from the Inquisition. What I had remaining was a chunk of basic infantry, one poorly converted Leman Russ tank and 6 mortar teams.

In the past few years that I've been back in the hobby I have amassed a rather large collection of Imperial Guard, and I have been holding off from restarting them due to lack of funds and (back at the start of the year) the looming new Codex. Now that the Codex is released, I have a number of plans for my Imperial Guard, that currently await me getting some mo
re disposable income! So, for the time being at least, I'm going to concentrate on "special" units, ones outside of the normal infantry. In a future post I'll do a sort of "stock check", listing my current Imperial Guard miniatures and organising them into some kind of workable list. For now, here are my latest squad, or half of them at least:

These are half of my Commissar Cadet squad. They'll play using the Penal Legion squad rules, in a "Counts As" fashion. Commissar
Cadet squads are something I first read about in the Citadel Journal, many moons ago. Basically a squad of wannabe Commissars from the Schola Progenium, sent to get some taste of battle under an instructor, who in my squad will be represented by the brilliant Mordian Lt. figure:

Who had a weapon-swap to fit with the rules - a Bolt Pistol changed for a nice Laspistol from the old Necromunda weapon sprues. It's a shame I totally missed the fact he has a great big set of bandoleers around his blasted waist! Nevermind!

I haven't gotten much painting done today though - most of my time was spent painting this chest for my bedroom in the "shabby chic" style:

Almost finished, just needs a sanding and a coat of varnish! The instructor and the rest of the Cadet squad are almost finished, just a few bits to do on them now. I also have a bunch of Terminators (15 altogether...) I'd like to get finished in the next few days, as I have Space Hulk arriving on Christmas day - it would have been nice to have gotten them done, looks unlikely now though!


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