Saturday, 26 December 2009

Merry belated Christmas...

Merry Christmas to anyone who reads this!
I had a very good day of debauchery, eating lots of chocolate and Christmas dinner! I also had a few surprises present-wise, mainly in the shape of an Xbox360 and Modern Warfare 2, which was a massive surprise! I never thought for one minute that I'd get one, as the main people who buy me presents (my parents) had already bought me Space Hulk, which is a rather large chunk of gift! I knew I was getting that (as I was the one that ordered it and took delivery of it for my mother) and there were a few other things that I'd ordered (wargames hobby-related) that I knew I was receiving, so when I'd opened my presents and received everything I expected, only to be given another large box...

Christopher is happy today, put it that way! I'd have been over the moon with Space Hulk etc. but this is another level of cheerfulness!

So, I got...

Space Hulk, which is a ton-weight! I'd avoided going into GW so it was still rather new to me when I opened it up - I'm extremely impressed by this, and really flummoxed as to why it was a limited edition. I savoured opening it up and the new game smell - I think the card tiles were really the way to go for GW - they're much more evocative and atmospheric than monotone plastic would have been. I've removed all the miniatures from their sprues and began magnetising the Terminators, to go on 40mm bases to make them playable for 40k. They might be the start of a small Blood Angels army with the release of the Codex (rumoured to be later in 2010).

This is another gift from my parents, a poster board, which is to be hung as a picture on one of my bedroom walls. I'm not entirely sure where at yet - I love these old propaganda posters (and got a few similar things picked by my mum this year - I got this on a mug too, and some coasters (for hot drinks) with various other phrases on from the same WWII British propaganda series - Make Do and Mend for example).

I've heard nothing but good things about this book - it takes a sort of CSI look at zombies and whether humanity would survive a real-life outbreak. I've heard it recommended all over the place, so it was lovely to get it from my sister and her partner this Christmas!

Another gift from my parents (and ordered by me) - the "Wasteland Desperadoes" from Copplestone Castings "Future War" collection. £8 for 4 "character" miniatures seems great to me, and they're all such characterful and interesting sculpts. The detail is fantastic and the casts are top-notch, barely any moldlines. These are part of my first order from Copplestone, and I have to say, I doubt they'll be the last! I also have some of their scavengers and will probably need to bulk up their numbers sometime...

And finally, another from the parents - some terrain bits and pieces (with one of the Desperadoes in for scale) from Black Cat Bases. There are some mattresses, a couple of sofas, a "fly-tipping pile" of rubbish (with mattresses, overturned wheelie-bins, bags of rubbish and a dumped fridge) and finally, some washing machines, which were an added freebie! Very nice I think - the casts aren't the greatest, but I think that's how they manage to sell them so cheaply, plus for terrain they're fine! These are for my wasteland terrain collection and should begin to appear on some of my new pieces.

Thats about all for today, I have a large update to post another time, but this was starting to stretch into essay proportions. I've begun the magnetisation process and will have some pictures of that tomorrow!

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