Sunday, 20 December 2009


Hey folks!
Just your basic introduction here - who I am, what I game and what I plan to do with the blog...
Well, I'm Christopher, 23 year old, currently of no-fixed-occupation. A few weeks ago I had operation number 6 on my knees, this time my right knee. I've had trouble with them both for about 12 years now, which has led to me still being yet to complete my university degree, which utterly sucks - at the moment I'm unemployed and no longer a student, at least for the time being, until my knee is sorted out. It seems as though this operation has once again failed to fix the problem, but I have to give it some extra time before the consultant can re-evaluate it. Not exactly fun!

Annnyway, I'm interested in various things, including wargames, film, gardening, cooking and reading, and the primary aim of this blog is log my wargames miniature painting progress. It'll be a place where I can keep all of my projects together and plan what I'm going to tackle next. It'll also be somewhere for me to recap the projects I've already finished, with small amounts of fiction and background material. I also aim to eventually put up battle reports and the like, when I finally start to game on a regular basis - up until this point in my wargames hobby I've mainly been a modeller and painter, which I hope to change in the new year.

As for the games and forces I collect and play, they are the following:
- Warhammer 40k: Imperial Space Marines - Shadow Wraiths Chapter - these are my main 40k army, using the basic Space Marine Codex.
- Warhammer 40k: Chaos Space Marines - The Vulture Legion - a Chaos Renegade army in the vein of the Red Corsairs - a force of Renegades and Legionnaires banded together under a charismatic overlord, with support from various different factions.
- Warhammer 40k: Chaos Daemons - a side project, these are basically various minis I've accumulated in trades and eBay bulk-buys over the past few years. One of my favourite projects.
- Warhammer 40k: Imperial Guard - these are an army I've had a while, but are in a mightily busted-up condition. Numbering 150 or so Infantry, 3 Leman Russ and 8 or so Sentinels, these will be getting some love and attention in the new year. They will be urban-operations themed.
- Warhammer Fantasy: Warriors of Chaos - another army that's waiting for some attention. These are mostly still in pieces, and also eBay bulk-buys. They'll be getting some Knights in the new year.
- Warhammer Fantasy: Dwarfs - an army that was started and finished a few years back when I got back into the wargames hobby after a couple of years hiatus - these may be sold off to sustain the hobby...
- Necromunda: Escher - these are an almost-complete gang, on lovely resin bases. They also feature in my wasteland post-apoc setting.
- Necromunda: Orlocks - finished gang, for either Necro or the mentioned wasteland setting.
- Mordheim: Human Mercenary Warband - complete.
- Mordheim: Witch Hunter Warband - complete.
- Blood Bowl: Humans - complete.
- LotR: Evil force, mixed - so far, these are complete. Might sell them...

Wasteland setting: As mentioned above, I have a lot of miniatures for a post-apocalyptic wargames setting. This is one of my main focuses at the moment, with a number of factions that are currently finished or work in progress. Mechanics-wise it will be rather similar to Necromunda, with gang-on-gang scale conflicts. No real solid plans for this gameswise at the moment, but it's very fun for modelling purposes. My main sources of inspiration for this are Fallout3, Mad Max 2, various Zombie films and Firefly.

Well, that's enough of a ramble for now. There should be regular updates coming :)

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