Sunday, 27 December 2009


Well, here is the progress update that I've been meaning to do for a few days now - now with added Space Hulk!

Prior to Christmas I'd wanted to finish off the 15 Space Marine Terminators that I had undercoated and work-in-progress for main 40k army, the Shadow Wraith Chapter. Sadly, with one distraction after another and real-life stuff, I didn't manage this. Boo hiss to that! I got them all basecoated and I've done quite a bit on 6 of them:

These are 5 normal Terminators plus a stand in for the special character Lysander (the one in the middle of the top row, with the Ork skull). They've been basecoated and had the first wash (of Graveyard Earth) over the bone part of their armour. The vents on their backs have also been painted BG Metal and been washed with Badab Black, and the skulls on have been painted a lighter bone and washed with Devlan Mud. Still quite a lot to do on them, but it's a decent start - I've decided to finish these before painting any of the Space Hulk stuff.

The arms for these guys had their metal parts painted with BG Metal and their storm shields painted in a brassy mix.

These are my WIP Sternguard - I'd originally bought a box of the Dark Angel veterans to be a Command Squad under the last edition Marine Codex, only to change my mind when the current one was released. There are another 5 of these also work in progress, but I decided to break them down into two batches. There are two of the metal robed Dark Angels in there - they were actually a Christmas gift about 8 or 9 years ago, but I've only just gotten around to using them - such is this hobby, eh?

I couldn't resist starting on Space Hulk, so I took everything off the sprues with a pair of clippers and sorted them into these boxes:

As with the above miniatures, I'll be painting them in batches:

I'm beginning with 6 of the Terminators, who are being magnetised for use in 40k.

I began by marking on their bases where the best points to drill would be. Using a pin vice/hobby drill and a bit that is normally used in an electric screwdriver, I carefully drilled holes big enough and just-say deep enough for the magnets I have bought. I'm numbering their bases on both sides so I can tell which fits where.

I have a bunch of 40mm GW bases I bought from eBay - they had mostly been used before, so some needed stripping and cleaning up, but they were well worth the money. This will have holes drilled where the magnets are needed. I'll then build up the base with scrap plasticard once I figure out where it's needed.

More to come soon...

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