Friday, 30 October 2020


Well, I mentioned I’d done a little work on some zombies! 
My small horde of zombies that will be used in various fantasy games (Rangers of Shadow Deep soon I hope!) as well as anything upto Victorian Gothic Horror type settings. They’re largely from Heresy Miniatures, sculpted by Paul Muller (I have more Ghouls by him in the to-paint pile and even more in the to-show-off-on-the-blog pile!) with some exceptions.There are a few that won’t work on one setting or another - most of the Heresy ones will work in most settings, but there are some from Empire of the Dead, from Westwind Productions, and a couple of those have anachronistic flat caps! There’s also the zombie ogre from Reaper Bones (who received new hands and weapons from GW plastic orc bits as I didn’t like the original overly bendy ones!) who is fantasy-only and a draugr from the wonderful Blood Rage boardgame that will mainly see use in fantasy dark age type games! 

I also picked up this splendid Gothic Horror Necromancer-type from Northstar - perfect to be using a few zombies to help him recover the materials needed to complete his flesh golem masterpiece!

I’m currently working on a bunch of other dark magic user sorts, bloody corpse botherers the lot of them! More on them soon!

Finally, a few pictures of the more interesting zombies in there:



  1. They look great, I’m a huge fan of the Paul Muller sculpts. If you ever look to expand the collection, have you seen the Fenris draugr?