Wednesday, 24 July 2019

El Chupacabra - The Goat-Sucker - Dracula's America

I went utterly mad for the Dracula's America range from Northstar Figures and Osprey Games back when the game was announced - I ended up with a bunch of different gangs (or posses as they're called in the game) and I've been working on them over the past year.
 One of my favourite parts of various modern rulesets are "Random Encounters", like those in Frostgrave - Dracula's America also had an interesting Bestiary with various creatures from horror and cryptozoological urban legends, including one of my favourites - the fearsome Chupacabra!
 A relatively modern cryptid, but it very much fits in the time period the game is set in.
 The creature was an easy one to paint once I decided on a scheme I liked - I started with a more alien red and green combination, but decided to go for something more like the descriptions of the creature.
Lots more to come from this range plus more Gothic Horror and Lovecraftian horrors!

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