Monday, 26 October 2015

Zomtober - Better late than never...

 Phew! I'm very glad to have got some zombies finished for the month! More to come in the rest of the week...
Female zeds - two standard, one special infected (a Smoker, as seen in Left4Dead)
The Smoker - poised for the inhuman tongue to dart out and entangle an unwary survivor...

I love the tumorous/bony growths!

Two normal zombies for the horde - all of these female zombies are from CP Models, who took on this range from the now closed Temgu Miniatures - lovely sculpts that fit well with the rest of my collection.
Three more standard zombies - these are the Studio Miniatures plastics - not many more of these to go now!

More Zomtober models soon!


  1. Fantastic work! Love the "Smoker" especially - I miss my days playing multi-player Left 4 Dead online.

  2. Nice work dude! I do like those CP Models zombies, I'm glad somebody picked them up! I wouldn't worry about coming in late, we all know zeds stumble along at different speeds. Besides yours are worth the wait.

  3. Nice work I really must get some special zombies will make a nice change to the normal ones.

  4. Wonderfully gruesome work Chris.

  5. Excellent stuff. Great work on these Zeds. :)

  6. Very nice. Those are some gruesome looking females.