Friday, 23 October 2015

Zomtober - Close, but no cigar.

Fungi from Yuggoth (plastic from Cthulhu Wars/Fenris Miniatures), Tripod Creature (ex-Tengu, now CP Models) and a wonderful beast (Pure Evil Miniatures).

What a shocking performance! So much for the easy target of one miniature a week - work and gaming got in the way of that! I have been working away at what remains in my modern zombie apocalypse horde, the misc. undead/Lovecraftian figures shown in the last post and I also got around to assembling various figures that I've been collecting together for a 1920s/1930s Cthulhu Mythos project too. Hopefully my week off coming up will mean I can leave Zomtober on a high! 

Mythos investigators/agents - I'm thinking of a 1920s BPRD here, so expect some quirkier agents eventually.

Finally, the Cultists (all Artizan Designs). There's something about these that really hits the "Banality of Evil" thing for me. These will be pseudo-KKK in style.
Painted stuff soon!


  1. Nice set of figures and will fit the bill well.

  2. Some cool stuff on the table, for certain. That Pure Evil beast caught my eye back when they ran the KS. Look forward to your treatment of him.

  3. Creepy beasts - I like them very much.

    Good stuff Chris!