Monday, 19 January 2015

Terrain - Woods!

I purchased the materials for this terrain project a while back - I ended up buying over a hundred trees from a Chinese eBay store and the lasercut MDF bases from another eBay store. I also had a couple of bases of Woodland Scenics deciduous tree armatures based up as post-apoc terrain (for dead trees) that I decided to remove from the original bases and repurpose for this project - they will get clump foliage eventually!

Most of the trees from the Chinese store are great, but needed some clean-up before I could glue them to the individual bases - this is par for the course though, as the moldlines on the WS armatures were pretty bad to be honest!

Hopefully I'll get sand/gravel on these soon so I can start to sort them out - I have another 5 bases to go (I'm going for a full woodland board at some point!) and I'm itching to get them game-ready! There's also a lot of smaller trees/bushes leftover from the eBay order that I'll be buying more bases to get them based up, particularly for use with my 10mm Hordes of the Things games and 1/72 Lion Rampant Game of Thrones plans!