Monday, 19 January 2015

2015 Plans

So, my plans for 2015...

Dark Ages
  • Complete another 2pts for my Vikings, plus a couple of the character/leaders I have
  • Build a small Dark Ages village and paint the villagers/animals I have - I love the look of the Song of Shadows and Dust rules and I'd love to re-purpose them for disputes between rivals in a Dark Ages town
  • Build a 4pt Saxon force - I got a box of the plastic Saxons for Christmas, plus I have a bunch of plastic Dark Age Warriors left over
Judge Dredd
  • Build 2 rival Citi-Def gangs - these are inspired by the wonderful Citi-Def over on The Leadpile - I requested a couple of the sets he's used from Copplestone Castings for Christmas. 
  • Assemble the Angel Gang - I got the new version of these from Warlord Games/Mongoose. I also want to have a scout through my misc. figure boxes to see if I have any other wasteland scum to join these, and will also be sprucing up some of the post-apoc figures I have to run a campaign in the Cursed Earth
  • Assemble the East-Meg Judges - another Christmas present
Lovecraftian Mythos - this is a pretty new project...
  • Lovecraftian creatures - these will be done in the same basing style that I use for the majority of my collection, meaning the creatures can be used in multiple genres. Creatures planned are Deep Ones (from Reaper Bones figures), a Shoggoth, Dimensional Shamblers and this creature from Pure Evil Miniatures
  • Cult leaders, cultists and madmen - a mix of miniatures here, with the cultists coming from the Artizan Designs Thrilling Tales range
  • Agents and misc. helpers - figures from Artizan, Copplestone (the Gangsters range) and Statuesque Miniatures
Darkest Dungeon - a planned fantasy skirmish/RPG based on the Kickstarted PC game - using all manner of figures from my Fantasy Skirmish stuff, with added characters from the games Player Characters:
  • I already have a bunch of figures built and basecoated for this - it's just a case of getting them finished!
Phew. This barely scratches the surface on my plans! But these are some of my focuses for the next year...


  1. Lots of great sounding projects. Especially the Mythos one.

    1. There are loads of great Mythos/pulp figures out there, so I'm looking forward to this!

  2. Good luck with all your plans dude! I really want to see the Judge Dredd stuff come to life.

    1. Thank you! I'm a big Judge Dredd fan, so I'm looking forward to going back to Mega City 1 as well!

  3. Ah the front row seat to the inspiration here is great! Will look forward to watching these plans come to fruition!