Sunday, 25 January 2015

Terrain - More stuff started!

My first wheat field using good old coir matting - I've already beveled and sanded the bases for another 3 of these - a really simple project to go along with a small Dark Age farmstead. Whilst I was on with the MDF bases for this I sorted out a bunch of small bases to make some rock likes from bark.

I bought a second-hand Garden of Morr kit back at the start of October - I decided to start cleaning it up tonight but decided to get rid of the silly amount of skulls on it. I love the GW terrain range, but they will insist on adding cartoony skulls to every empty spot. Inspired by sho3box, I'm going to remove all of the superfluous skulls of daftness. Some will just need removing, others will have paving sculpted in their place and some will be hidden by foliage. I'm looking to use this graveyard with lots of different genres - I'm happy enough with the gothicness, just not the cheese.


This will take a while.



  1. Good luck with the skull surgery. I want to see how well it goes as I have been planning something vaguely similar.

    I like your wheat fields too!

  2. You haven't tried to de-skull a Realm of Battle set, have you? That's a level of madness few can aspire to. . .

  3. I really like the Morr set but the thought of the work required to de-SpikySkullz it is a little daunting. I'm looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.

    Where did you get your trees from, may I ask?

  4. Nice wheat field dude! Looking forward to an un-skulled Garden of Morr too.

  5. Looking good. I'd of left the skulls on personally just to speed things up we all know graveyards and anyone found within is upto no good :D