Friday, 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hello folks - just wanted to write a quick post to a happy holiday season to any of my readers! It's been an okay year - I'm looking forward to what 2015 will bring! I'm personally a staunch atheist, but Christmas is a lovely time to get together with my family, exchange gifts and eat lots of good food! Here's a few items of my holiday haul...
Dreadball Mars Attacks Martian team!
Lovely laser-cut MDF measuring sticks for SAGA 
East-Meg Judges set and a box of Saxon Thegns
This disgustingly lovely kit! Lots of interesting parts here - my plan is to build 5 different characters from these!
A small horde of Reaper Bones - the fish warriors will become Deep Ones and the misc. other stuff is for various RPG characters, plus a Giant for Of Gods and Mortals

I do have some other stuff that are currently hurtling through the warp to me, which is nice! Stuff for a Lovecraftian project plus some of the lovely Tengu Miniatures zombies (now sold by CP Models).

Did you get any holiday goodies?


  1. Love to see what Lovecraftian goodies you scored from the Bones range...

  2. Oh, and Merry Midwinter Non-Denominational Festival from another non-believer!

  3. Merry Holidays Thing! That blightking kit looks ace!