Saturday, 8 November 2014

Zomb-Apoc - The Whisperers

I love the latest enemies in The Walking Dead comic - I had to make them in miniature form! The basic idea is that they're camouflaged as walkers - they wear masks of zombie flesh (laced up at the back, like a luchador mask!) and lurk amongst the zombie hordes. Not a lot is known about them at this point in the comics, but my guess is that they sort of direct the zombie herds that have been shown now and then, walking amongst them (and communicating in whispers, hence their name - the Whisperers) and utilising the supplies left in the wake of a herd attack on a survivor group. They've been shown to mainly use knives and machetes, but one was shown to have a sawn-off shotgun. I've stuck to knives, pistols and sawn-off shotguns with these - I've put together another 5 to join these, although I may take them up to 15...

The parts for these are Wargames Factory plastic male and female survivors, plus a couple of Studio Miniatures plastic zombies and bits. A couple of the heads are from MaxMini, whilst the rest have had putty masks added.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments over Zomtober - I'm really behind on my Feedly reading list, but once I'm caught up I'll be commenting on everything I've missed out on in October!


  1. Great idea, nicely executed. Well done dude.

  2. These are wonderfully gruesome Chris, I've not read any of the Walking Dead comics, but this is making me feel I should!

  3. Awesome! I don't read many of the comics either like Michael I think I should start

  4. I am so behind on the comic it's silly. These look creepy as feck mate. Very nicely done.