Sunday, 7 September 2014

Conquering the Lead Mountain - a #6MMRPC Facebook Group!

Well, this was slightly delayed! I'd planned on having a little Facebook group set up for the 6 Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge set up to coincide with the launch of the Challenge on September 1st, but alas, life gets in the way at times! Anyway - I hope the challenge is going well for folks (I'm also a little behind on reading my Feedly, so I haven't had a chance to comment on a lot of the most recent posts - soon!) and I hope those of you with Facebook (whether you're taking part in the Challenge, or you'd just like to join to have a place to chat about your current projects!) will join us at Conquering The Lead Mountain!


  1. Sadly much like my inability to "hashtag", I'm also a non-user where Facebook is concerned. Blog is the lot of it really.

  2. Chris,

    Joining up on the challenge through a roundabout mess of links!