Saturday, 30 August 2014

Easterlings vs Mini-Cthulhu

I painted up the brilliant Elder God from the Reaper Bones line a couple of months back - better pictures soon, but here's an atmospheric shot from a game I played a while back. The game was between the warbands of two wizards, both trying to retrieve the same artefact. The artefact happened to be in the final resting place of a minor Elder Thing, whose shade did not take kindly to such an intrusion...

I really enjoyed using the Easterling plastics along with a Reaper wizard - have I ever mentioned how much I love Song of Blades and Heroes? Such a fast-paced ruleset, easy to pick up and easy to modify. Brilliant! This series of battles were probably my favourite gaming to date!


  1. I've really enjoyed the handful of Song of Blades games I've played.
    It's been hard drumming up any interest in my gaming group to get anymore though, shame really.
    I really love the ability to personalise a little warband, coupled with the easy to play and yet tactically flexible rules.

    That mini-Cthulhu looks awesome by the way :)

    1. That's definitely a shame - it's such an easy game to pick up, you can use stuff from a Warhammer collection with ease - my non-wargaming housemate can now play it without looking at the rules! I love the ruleset :)

      Thanks :) I love the Reaper Bones range!

  2. Sounds great and that's a very cool shot