Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Thought I'd jump aboard the "Zomtober" train! I have a horde of zombies and related survivors to finish off and this is the perfect incentive! I've also told my fledgling gaming group that I'll put together some zombie games for a Halloween gaming session! 

As you can see from the hastily arranged picture taken this evening, the horde is rather big! This is just the unpainted section - there's a bunch of survivors and approximately 80 modern zombies completed (plus around 40 WWII German and Soviet zombies and 30 Warhammer Fantasy plastic ghouls based up and painted as faster zombies/infected). In the above picture there is around 30 Mantic plastic zombies (10 or so of these are to be painted as Fallout-esque rad-ghouls), 40 Studio Miniatures plastics plus a couple of metals, a couple of Horrorclix odds and ends, Studio Miniatures not-Michonne and her zombie helpers, a few random survivors and a "special" infected. There's also a bunch of goblins from "The Hobbit" who are to be used in post-apoc gaming, I thought I'd lump them in too!

Looking forward to what the other folks involved in this are going to paint!

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