Thursday, 3 October 2013

Gladiatrix with Bullwhip

I wonder how many dodgy Google hits that blogpost title will get then? Hah! I was having some real issues finding an arm to complete this female gladiator - I'd decided on the whip due to the size of the Dark Eldar arm, but unfortunately I was at a loss as to what I could use to replace the other missing arm. I've also trimmed the crest off the helmet on this one, just for a little variety, as the poses between two of the female gladiators were very similar and they had the same basic helmet.
After digging through the various Eldar and Elf parts (not many...) I have, I remembered that I had a bag of Heroclix from my fledgling (even after 3 years) Superhero project that could provide a suitable donor - in this case, Livewire from the Legion of Superheroes. The arm was a suitable size, fit nicely with the pose and the figure was a duplicate (although, I'm not a fan of the Legion of Superheroes, I'd have happily chopped his head/arm/legs off, even if I only had the one...). 
The arm was amputated with clippers, the moldlines were cleaned up with a scalpel and finally the arm was drilled and pinned into place! I'm going to do the green stuff filling on the whole bunch of gladiators at once, so that will be coming up shortly! Just a few more of these to go and then I'll have to find a few more miniatures to add to them - luckily the Junker Gladiators range has a few more candidates!

Comments most welcome - I'll be starting to paint some miniatures for Zomtober shortly!

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