Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Spoils of Wargaming: Studio Miniatures Indiegogo Zombies!

Just a quick post - I'm sorry that these have been few and far between recently! I wanted to show this lovely addition to my zombie horde - the Studio Miniatures plastic zombies have arrived! For a grand total of £18.64 including postage within the UK, I received the above: 40 plastic zombies, a zombie George Romero, a zombie version of Shaun (of the Dead) and another zombie that I can't quite place...

Pretty darn good! I'm back at my parents house for the night, with these on a tray table next to me - the first dozen or so have arms and legs!

Regarding the new plastics - they're very nice, better than the Wargames Factory ones but very similar. They share similar issues - they're small, especially when compared to the metal Studio Miniatures zombies. The detail is crisper, which is definitely a plus, but they seem slight - they're definitely closer to standard 28mm rather than 28mm heroic. I'd have preferred them heroic-scale, but nevermind - they'll still fit brilliantly with the rest of my horde! This takes me up to around 80 zombies I need more? Probably.

Actually...I also have another 26 WWWII German Zombies...


  1. Very nice start. I'm still waiting for me own.
    Can't wait to see some painted.

  2. That's a nod-worthy horde of walkers, zombie-Romero is a nice homage to boot.

  3. Well, I may have managed to lay my hands on another box of them - I just need a boatload more bases now!