Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Nerd Room

Just a quick walkthrough the semi-complete Nerd Room in the new house...
This corner is generally book and army storage - along with the nice big window. I want a new venetian blind on there instead of the black roller blind, as it'd be a bit more private and allow some shade during the day...
I really need to sort through the KR miniatures cases, see if anything is to sell and basically, work out what I have for which factions and setting.
The work area. I wouldn't normally have the two wrist rests, just the one - I find it helps when I'm at work or painting at home - I'd been taking one to work and back, but decided to buy another just to leave there. There's also quite a bit of storage for tools and bits here, some decent lighting and easy access to the laptop for films/tv shows and the internet.
The storage end - terrain in one corner, loads of projects in the other. The clear plastic boxes need sorting through, things need de-spruing and putting in baggies until they're needed - generally needs a big sort out! It's tidy enough for now (the boxes normally stack on top of each other). I finally retrieved the display cabinet from when I lived at my parents too - it'll be used for display miniatures and whatever warbands/teams I'm using at the moment. Also pictured is my Citadel painting tray, which I actually use when sitting watching movies in the lounge, for de-spruing and cleaning up miniatures. It currently has some lizardmen on there, an eBay junk lot that I'll turn into a nice little warband.

The gaming bench is still a work in progress - it'll be attached to the wall above the silvery-grey box in the bottom corner. My dad is still on with that...


  1. Very cool. Always fun to see someone's nerd room coming a long. I have the same map of Westeros, but I'm waiting until I can afford to frame mine.

  2. Lucky you having a Nerd/Geek room. I have to make do with a Geek wardrobe. Hide everything away she says!!!

    Ha kitchen table covered in German Fallschirmjager half painted and unlikely to get finished before christmas. That'll teach her.

  3. Love it! I like all the labels you threw in there too.

  4. Cheers guys :) I'm very happy to have this room! It's worth the extra rent...

    My dad finished off the wargames table last week, so they bracket is now painted and attached to the wall. The bench can be put up when required, although the most I've gotten done on it so far is present-wrapping for today...