Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Angler

Another photo from my recent trip to the aquarium - an exhibit featuring a brilliant Anglerfish model. I loved that as I was reading the information alongside the exhibit, a child asked his mother: "Do they bite people?!" to which she replied, full of knowledge: "They don't really come into contact with humans - they live too deep in the ocean to bite them. They probably would if they could, though...".

Great to see a parent with some knowledge!


  1. "They probably would if they could, though..."

    I love that, cool pic too!

  2. Creepy light bulb face fish. I was at the zoo once and a women kept encouraging her small son to play with the "ducks" that were around a water feature. She kept making quaking noises and throwing popcorn to them, her son asked "Why aren't they quaking?" I couldn't help myself and answered the boy's question, "Those are cranes, and do not quack."