Saturday, 25 August 2012

Dark Vengeance

Bloody brilliant! Dark Vengeance pictures have been online for a week or two now, and I have some favourites...
I'm gona need about 60 of the Chaos Cultists - I have a million and one ideas for their use buzzing about in my head...

  1. Frateris Militia - I have some gasmask heads with turbans from Ramshackle Games that would suit these figures well - I'd lop off their heads, replace them, remove any chaotic icons, add prayer script/purity seals/personal Imperial icons. They're basically cultists for the Imperial Church, so these fit well.
  2. Redemptionists - similar conversion, with various different masked heads instead. 
  3. Ash Waste/Desert Nomads - probably the least converting required - maybe more shawls and water bottles, everyone gets a gas mask/rebreather.
  4. Imperial Workers Militia/Scratch Company - like the ones from Necropolis. Formed from loyalist Imperial civilians who have banded together to resist invasion from . I'd swap in some bare heads, maybes some Lasguns on a few of them.
  5. Genestealer cultists - again, head swaps, new icons, pretty much done!
  6. ...and so on! Anyone have other suggestions?

This guy may be my favourite of the lot. The gloves and tabard really make it. I'd love to see him with the masked head removed and a hairy flagellant head (with sculpted mask) added!

I absolutely love the Chaos side of this set - on the plus side for Dark Angels players, it's going to be amazingly easy to start up a new force - I can see eBay being flooded with that side of the box. It kind of sucks that today is payday and the pre-orders have gone online on every webstore! Must. Not. Purchase!


  1. I am soooo tempted on these guys as well!!!

    I am thinking Orlocks from Necromunda as well!

  2. Cawdor.
    Ad Mech (a couple of them don't even need converting).
    Imperial civilians (INQ 28).
    Or... flagellents... yep, convert them to Warhammer....

  3. I'm with Lord Siwoc, the first hitting I thought of when I saw these guys was 'Necromunda gang', but they've got lots of uses, and you've hit the 'greatest hits' of most!

  4. Good ideas guys :) I decided not to splash out on the full set, but had some spare eBay funds languishing in my PayPal account - I ordered the cultists from a re-seller on eBay...

    Very much looking forward to the week following their release!