Saturday, 21 July 2012

Wasteland Town - Shack 2

Another of the recently finished shanty buildings - this one is based around an abandoned/damaged armoured personnel carrier that has been converted into an extension for the dwelling...
I'd been given a busted up Rhino from a forum friend a while back - he'd done quite a bit on the Rhino, rebuilding the sides with cardboard (he'd bought it very cheap second hand, minus the sides and tracks...) and I finished it off by adding various bits. I'd decided straight away that I wanted to use it for terrain rather than in my Space Marine army.

I combined the Rhino with some packing cardboard, adding some props from foamboard, various other gubbins and a door from corrugated card and coffee stirrers...
The chimney stacks on the roof are plastic tubing and rectangles of scrap plasticard and the window is another side sponson hatch from a Predator kit.

Pretty happy with this one! Lets hope the Marines don't come and ask for it back...


  1. Love it, I did a wrecked land raider a while back, but it was too far gone to be anything by ruins. This APC-as-a-habitat is a much better concept, and you pulled it off wonderfully.

  2. Excellent work here, I really like your idea!! :)

  3. Thanks Gnotta! I had the busted up Rhino donated (with cardboard sides!) and could only use it as terrain really! It worked out well :)