Sunday, 22 July 2012

Arcane Ruins

I've been wanting to build some generic Fantasy terrain for the various skirmish systems I've been planning on trying out (Songs of Blades and Heroes, Skulldred, Get The Girl, Kill The Baddies etc.) and recently spied a nicely put together set of the Arcane Ruins from Games Workshop. Unfortunately, I can no longer find the blog that inspired these!
This is the main section of the ruins - an altar for some sort of temple. None of the symbols are over-the-top evil and it could work for any alignment of warband.
The kit has parts to make three of these two-pillar/top piece sections  I decided to stretch it a bit further and make some into ruined sections. I took my time with the kit - basic clean-up and removal from the sprue was easy, but there was a good amount of gaps to fill and moldlines to sand. I used the electric multitool (not-Dremel) for a lot of this - it also gave me the chance to rough up some of the flatter sides for eventual drybrushing.
 Does anyone see a fallen Star Wars AT-AT here? Hah!
The version of these that Games Workshop uses in it's advertising of the product really does it no justice at all - in their pictures the kit is cramped together, looks blocky and uninteresting. It's a nicely detailed, sturdy kit. The huge skulls on it come separately and allow for some customisation - I personally preferred the ruins without these, so I left them off - everything you see is part of the standard kit.
Time to add sand and gravel to the base and get these spray undercoated!


  1. look good so far, these should turn out nice.

  2. Good to know that I wasn't the only one who saw the AT-AT.

  3. Haha, I didn't see the AT-AT at first but it's all I see now. You're on fire, keep the terrain train going!