Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Hired Ogre

I recently fixed up an Ogre Bull that I had somehow "acquired" in a forum trade. He was fairly busted up - the gutplate had been part removed (with someone's teeth by the looks of it...), the bottom of his shoes (they're a sort of seperate slipper-type addition) weren't glued on properly (took a bit of work to remove those buggers...) and he was partially coated in thick polycement. I thought he'd make a decent "big guy" for the various fantasy warbands I'm working on.
To be honest, he'd sat in my box of miscellaneous fantasy stuff for ages - I didn't really have a use for him. I don't mind the ogre bulls in a unit, but they're a tad plain on their own. I tried to remedy this by giving him some features that would suggest a history of fighting against various enemies, plus having visited far off lands. The new gutplate is an orc shield with lion head emblem taken from the Mordheim building sprues. This looked to me like a jade lion - a suggestion that he has visited Cathay (also suggested by the helmet and sword designs). I added an orc axe from Gorkamorka as a back-up weapon, plus a number of dwarf bucklers strung together on wire from his time fighting the stunties (or was that time working for them?).

He should fit nicely with various of my warbands!

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  1. Nicely converted, its good to just let you bits box drive you from time to time. Planning is for wimps! lol