Friday, 15 June 2012

Spoils of Wargaming: Car Boot Sale

I ventured out to a car boot sale yesterday with my parents - normally I'll be looking for tools and terrain materials on the cheap, but yesterday I managed a nice haul from one stall...
Various retro White Dwarf magazines, plus a couple of promotional brochures and a how-to-paint guide.

Two Citadel brushes (a bit busted up, but salvageable), a jar of brush-on polycement (still viable and great condition - only 22 years old!), a lovely selection of classic paints (bottles obviously a bit paint-splashed, but the contents are almost mint condition, plus an unopened pot of Skull White), half a tin of white spray undercoat, plus a mint-in-blister Teclis of the High Elves. Pretty darn brilliant, considering the lovely little retro geekfest I've been having recently whilst reading the great Realm of Chaos and Warhammer for Adults.
Plus these Lord of the Rings books thrown in - all of the above cost me £9! Great day at the boot sale! I've started cleaning up the brushes and paint pots and drooling over the old White Dwarfs - I love the cover of Plague Fleet! 


  1. I'm insanely jealous of your haul!

  2. Hah! I am really chuffed about it! The last time I went, one guy wanted £15 for 1/3rd of the old Lizardmen/Bretonnian Fantasy starter set. Bollocks to that! I'd have bought them for spares, if they'd been about £3 - delusional seller! This was awesome though :)

  3. Nice little haul for such a great price

  4. What neck of the woods are you in, is is some northern county where (so my father keeps telling me) things are so much cheaper?

  5. Cheers Brummie :)

    myinclubliss - yes, oop north! This was from Sedgefield car boot sale. I usually try and find interesting cheap vehicles, toys or aquarium ornaments - all perfect for terrain and wargames in general!