Saturday, 16 June 2012

Cleaning up old paints...

Decided to do a bit of housekeeping on these old paints and brushes that I bought at the car boot sale.
I broke out the cleaning wipes (and the WD-40 pen for labels/gunk) and cleaned up the bottles, removing any labels that were too far gone (red paint had seeped behind all but two of the pots, so I had to remove them) and using a pair of tweezers to remove these rings of dried paint that had accumulated around the caps - thought they almost-Olympic symbol that was left over was oddly cool!
The finished article - I wasn't actually aware that the old old Citadel brushes were actually sable. These have cleaned up quite nicely - the brushes even got some hair conditioner...

As I've mentioned, I'm over the moon with this little haul! Really happy I went!

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