Saturday, 5 May 2012

Review: Zinge Industries

I recently stumbled across an eBay auction for Zinge Industries, one of the after-market wargames accessory suppliers that has popped up in the past few years. I managed to hold off buying anything for approximately one week, then caved, strangely enough on payday...
I ended up ordering the set of 10 pistols and a set of 15 ammo drums/boxes. Both were £4 each and my order came to less than £10 including shipping. The pistols were supplied as above, whilst the ammo drums were supplied removed from sprue in 3 small baggies, 5 to a bag. Also supplied was a sort of "sample pack" of freebies - two tank tracks, some of their flexible plastic chain (very nice, with wire running through it so it will hold it's shape), an armoured cable (think plasma weapon cabling) and a nice flexible ammo feed (think heavy bolter).
The 10 pistols are a selection of modern/recent designs and some with more obvious sci-fi influences. They're a decent size and most will fit nicely with Necromunda/40k miniatures and similarly proportioned ranges.

From left to right we have:
  • SMG - this one is rather large, but still fits the pistol archetype.
  • Revolver - this would look nice on an Imperial Guard officer or some sort of gang boss.
  • Automatic - something like a 9mm.
  • Four-barrelled flintlock - quite odd in this bunch, but fits nicely into 40k/28mm Inquisitor.
  • Machine Pistol - this one reminds me of a Skorpion.
  • Energy Pistol - could fire plasma perhaps...
  • Heavy Mauser - based on the classic German design.
  • Flame Pistol - perfect hand flamer.
  • Uzi - one of my favourites. This will fit perfectly on a guardsman.
  • Heavy Pistol - this is a heavy sci-fi handgun. Another of my favourites.

These took a small amount of cleaning up once clipped from the sprue - the detail is very nice! Here's the heavy sci-fi pistol alongside a few Imperial Guard weapons. It scales very nicely and the detail holds up very well! I very much like these! 
The ammo drums had some minor flash, as is usual with resin, but the moldlines were minimal. The above picture was taken after I'd spent about 20 minutes cleaning them up. Not bad for 15 fiddly little pieces whilst distracted by Game of Thrones. There's a Cadian lasgun, an Elysian bullpup lasgun and the Baneblade tank commander's nicely-scaled bolt pistol in there to give you an idea of the size.

Overall, I'm very impressed with these - they were delivered in a couple of working days, the casts are clean and the detail is crisp. The parts are well priced with plenty of different options - I'm looking forward to building some heavy stubber teams using the twin ammo drums and arming some roguish Imperial Guard with some non-standard issue firepower. I highly rate the company and I look forward to seeing what the company brings out next! Check it out!


  1. They look great may have to check out there other products

  2. Yeah - they have a load of nice stuff!