Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch - Command

Edit - better picture of the warriors uploaded...
I've been off work ill for a couple of days this week - the dreaded cold/lurg-y. As such, I've had a bit of time to block out the colours on the front rank of the Chaos Warriors. This is a terrible picture I realise, but I am too shattered to consider going back and taking it again at the moment... 
I also worked on the banner for the unit - previously I was just using the icon (from the Marauder Horsemen), but it was a little plain. I added the prayer streamers from the Ravenwing sprues, pinned to the bottom of the hanging skulls. Works rather well I think!

I have also been pondering unit fillers for these and for the Marauder unit I have WIP - I'm thinking trolls or ogres, mobile shrines etc. - not entirely sure!

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  1. Mobile shrines would work quite well with these guys.

    Get well soon or you will be painting Nurgle from now on!!!