Sunday, 4 December 2011

Terrain Crusade - Games Mat

Well, it's been quite a while since I've managed an update! The various terrain projects over the past couple of months wore me out somewhat, but I'm finally back! In the past few weeks I've finished a squad of 10 Imperial Guardsmen and a Commissar, 5 Dark Eldar Wyches, 3 fantasy sorcerers familliars, a zombie-huntin' granny, a Mordheim/Empire in Flames Halfling Thief and 3 Space Hulk Terminators - a few touch-ups here and there, some blood and gore on the Terminators and I'll have some tasty content-filled posts up!

For now though, I have my shiny new gaming mat! When I recently got my games board out to put together my board/terrain setup, I decided that it was a little large and unwieldy for my plans - I had thought it'd fit comfortably on the breakfast bar in my kitchen area, but sadly not! I've had my eye on a Zuzzy mat for a good while now, and finally got around to ordering one.
I went for their Wounded City mat - Zuzzy mats are made out of a thin latex rubber, textured rather nicely and readily accept paint. This one is 3ft by 3ft, supplied in a nice sturdy box along with a small sample piece for you to test your paint scheme on. 
The Wounded City mat's theme is of a desolate ruined cityscape, with broken blacktop/tarmac, with bricks showing through here and there where they have been uncovered by whatever cataclysm has befallen the city.
I've started painting the mat by basecoating with acryllics that are approximately the same as the slightly-darkened Scorched Brown I use for my bases. I've then watered down some black and painted it into the cracks and exposed brickwork.
Following this, I used some sponge-y packing material from an eBay delivery to take off the excess paint and blend in the watered-down black.

The mat was shipped from the USA and worked out at around £30 including shipping. If I'd had more space in the flat I'd have gone for a larger mat, but this is just about perfect for my needs - it is currently drying awaiting the various washes and drybrushes...

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  1. That looks really cool, I'll have to get me one of thems!!