Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Skull Champion

I've been in a bit of an assemblin' mood as of late - one of the first bodies I pulled out of the many Chaotic bitz boxes I've accumulated was a battered Kharn the Betrayer that I literally couldn't give away...

With a head that fit the pose perfectly coming from the Space Wolves kits, a Blood Angel Death Company power fist and a chained chainsword from the Black Templar kits, this guy is a real mashup of the lovely Marine kits available!

He's the Skull Champion of my first Beserker squad for my Chaos Renegades, soon to lead a squad of 15 or so deranged maniacs, built from various different Chaos and Imperial kits for the ragtag-psycho look!


  1. Nice! now for a lick of paint

  2. It works for me :) nice mash up.

  3. He looks pretty pissed off about something...

    Why is he looking in my direction? Oh crap.....

    Hehe well done mate!

  4. Nice build, I like the "strength" implied from the raised arms (if that makes any sense at all!)

    Got an idea for the colour scheme yet? I'm guessing red in some form. :P