Thursday, 13 October 2011

More Starport Terrain...

Expanding my post-apoc/starport terrain even further - I bought a bag of SIKU pallets from eBay and two packs of crates. The pallets were a little small, so I glued them side by side...


  1. looking good so far. They don't seem small to me. Pallets come in all sizes

  2. Brum - just a little small compared to 40k and similarly-scaled ranges... They would have looked silly with the crates that I bought for use with them - one medium sized crate to a little pallet...

    I still have a bunch of the pallets left over, so I'll probably make some filled with smaller boxes and ammo cans for example!

    Smillie - Thanks!

  3. They do look great, so does that machine-gun team, have they made a debut on here?

  4. Thanks :) Mik - they have yet to take centre-stage, I was waiting to complete the full squad before I took some proper pictures! I may just finish basing the five that are almost complete and take some nice scenic pictures of them over the weekend...

  5. I have some 40k stuff in a box waiting for me to get intersted again. I guess i'm used to the smaller hasslefree and Copplestone figs at the moment. I got one of my Space marine scouts and did a size comparison and can see what you mean.

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