Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Dead as a Dino...

Another terrain piece, this time the skeleton of a triceratops. This piece is planned as a multi-genre piece, with uses in various different settings. Inspired by various pieces of similar terrain, an availability of the actual dino skeleton (in a £ shop no less!) and a random little piece of brain/memory fluff that has always stuck with me...

When I was a child (well, a smaller child), my sister had a Lion King "story book". It was basically a bunch of background/backdrops, to which you had 2-dimensional card characters that you moved around of it in a sort of theatre-ish role to act out scenes from the movie. The one that stuck with me was The Elephant Graveyard - quite a spooky and haunting idea from a Disney film! Anyway, this is my slight homage to that particular scene, although more inspired by my lovely sister's story/theatre-book-thing!
I used MDF as a base, de-moldlined the skeleton and modified some parts, filling the gaps here and there with some model filler. The skelly is glued to the base with hot glue, foamboard offcuts were used here and there to bulk up the gravel, then kitty litter and sand were applied.

I have another full triceratops, the rest of the pieces of this one and a smaller tyrannosaur/carnosaur of some sort left to put together on some bases. I'll be adding some jungle foliage to these too!

In the post-apocalyptic world they'll be the skeletons of scientific experiments run amok, in the 40k arena they'd be native fauna, they'd be perfect for Lost World-ish pulp games etc. - lots of uses I think! I've also got a lot of terrain painted over the weekend, so there shall be pictures of that soon!


  1. looks good so far nice find!

  2. This is great! And good use for more than one setting.

    Well done mate!