Sunday, 2 October 2011

Crate Piles

I received these in the post during the week - I'm extremely impressed with them! They're crate/barrel piles from Microart Studios - released alongside their Infinity terrain line, I thought they would be perfect for my Spaceport board. My painting-in-progress Guard have cameo-d for scale purposes...
I bought these on eBay at the price of £21.99 including delivery - they're almost the 40k equivalent of the classic stepped-hills commonly seen in Warhammer Fantasy. They're made out of a light, dense expandable foam, which can be chopped and sanded rather easily. They seem quite sturdy - the way they're produced means that there is some filling of air bubbles. I've done this with polyfilla (spackle for US viewers!), green stuff and gone back over most of the sand with PVA and more sand (if that makes sense). I'm going to be painting these up shortly and I also have a few other bits and pieces on the way for this terrain collection - stay tuned!


  1. so these pieces wouldn't be spray paint friendly correct? --Foe42

  2. Nope - they come undercoated in the light grey shown, so sprays are fine over that. On parts I've trimmed, I covered with PVA and sand, so there was none of the melting associated with using expanded foam in terrain :) Check my next post for them undercoated!