Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Jeremiah the Post-Apocalyptic Cyborg Vampire Hunter

This figure had been on the painting table for ages - a western-themed vampire hunter that I was painting for the post-apoc setting I have. He was going to be an old preacher who had decided that the ghouls and muties of the wasteland were actually vampires and other creatures of Satan. There was one problem with the base miniature, and that was the head - it seemed very large, with quite a large hat on top of that, so I didn't have much enthusiasm for painting him. That was until inspiration struck whilst reading about Gamma World and the various characters that you can create. Having found a spare AE-WWII US Robot Trooper head in my bitz box, I knew it was perfect for an off-the-wall Gamma World-inspired creation! I removed the previous head, pinned on the new one and filled where needed with putty, re-undercoating the head and join. 

He's now Jeremiah, the cyborg vampire (and misc creature of the night) destruction unit!

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