Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Imperial Guard Scout Sentinels

I've included a squadron of three Scout Sentinels in the armylist for my fledgling Imperial Guard army that I've been working on over the past month - I've put the three together and overcome a slight obstacle that was in the way...
With the earlier plastic Sentinel kit, there were "caps" on the sides of the legs in certain spots - for some reason, nearly all of the second-hand Sentinels I've bought have been missing these! They're a fiddly part, so I suppose a lot of people forget about them. I turned to one of my recent purchases - InstantMold - to make a couple of push molds of those particular parts, then pushed green stuff into the molds. Perfect! I've kept the molds for the next batch of Sentinels I'll be working on - I have parts for another 7...
This Sentinel is armed with a heavy flamer and will receive a hunter-killer missile. The theme for this particular walker is a homage to another Sentinel that I had in my original Guard army - religious zealot running around burning heretics and xenos. He has a crazy-haired head from the plastic Flagellant kit as well as the icon and book strapped to the front. I'm not entirely happy with the icon/book combo - this may see some changes...
Another shot of the zealot's Sentinel, showing the anti-personnel mine next to the stump that he's managed to avoid, as well as some spent artillery shells (from a .22 rifle I went hunting rabbits with a few weeks back). Note the feet - I gave the whole squadron the same feet from the plastic Ork Killa Kan to show that they're a slightly modified pattern. The "toes" on the feet are hooked to give them better purchase when climbing various terrain.
The second Sentinel of the squadron is armed with an Autocannon and is also awaiting a hunter-killer missile. I've managed to scrounge together 3 of the Marine version, which should look nice and different when compared to the latest Guard version, which will be used on Sentinels in my Cadian-based army. I've added a cut down comms-link on the side for their longer-range vox capabilities (and to hide the part where the ammo/charge packs would normally be, but are left off on an Autocannon-armed Sentinel...).
The driver of this Sentinel is well tooled up with plenty of spare ammo for those longer engagements, a shotgun for close defence in case of a breakdown and various rations. I broke out the bag of "interesting stuff for bases" for the squadron - this one received a dead Van Saar ganger with a gushing chest wound at the front of the base... well as various tank track gubbinz, found towards the back of the base.
The last Sentinel is armed in the same way as the second and is also awaiting a hunter-killer missile. Base-wise I kept it quite plain with a tree stump and plenty of rubble. I need to add something nice and interesting to the equipment shelf on the side.

These still require some work before I can go ahead and paint them, but I'm very happy with how they're coming along. 

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