Monday, 18 April 2011


Well, I should be posting up here a tad more frequently - I received a call on Friday morning letting me know I no longer have a job. Bugger.

Oh well - in my (slightly-put-on) depression I've been working on a few different projects...

Space Hulk Genestealers - These have a bit more paint on them since the last time they were shown - namely, the metallic bases blocked out and the basecoat on the fleshy skin. Once I've finished all of these apart from the Broodlord, I'm going to go back and add blood, rust and various other interesting markings to the bases of the lot of them. I've also decided to include at least one other Marine Chapter on the bases - probably Lamenters, given their links with the Blood Angels and their scheme. Just to add another splash of (admittedly rusted to hell, grimy and generally mucky) colour.
Space Marine vehicles - I decided that my Marines were lacking in vehicular support and had the urge to rebuild some in-artfully assembled cheap eBay rescues. I've done a good amount of cleaning up on the Land Speeder, with another two soaking in paint stripper at the moment, whilst the Rhino (that will become either a Whirlwind or a Razorback - I'm leaning towards Razorback) was taking a bit more elbow grease. I'm going to keep the console out of the Rhino chassis and replace it with a slice of plasticard - the piece is too cool to be hidden away inside the tank.  
Wych which scheme? This Wych scheme. Dodgy photo, but I'm sure you'll get the idea - pale pastel purple and mithril/chainmail armour with bone weapons. Very cold, splatters of blood here and there - I'm happy with the way this is going.
Once an Imperial Dreadnought, then converted into a Chaos Dreadnought, this poor guy is once again to be returned to Imperial glory! I'm thinking as an Ironclad...

That's about it really. I am looking for jobs rather diligently, but have quite a bit of time on my hands, hence the hundred different projects running at once. Oh, I also finally picked up my terrain building stuff at home, in the hopes of building some Necromunda-ish platform terrain, themed around Fallout, Borderlands and the kind of waste-worlds and border moons you would find on the Eastern Fringe in the Warhammer 40000 universe. Should be splendid, if I ever get to it!


  1. Good progress but sorry to hear about the job, hope you get another one soon.

  2. Good luck on the job search! May you look back on your layoff in years to come as a blessing in disguise.

  3. Ach! Bummer on the job front, but your projects are looking up!