Tuesday, 12 April 2011

AE Bounty: Spacers

Meet the crew of the Indignant Sparrow - the meanest bunch of (oddly warmhearted) spacers this side of the galactic core.  
Captain Tymon Halstrom - despite his cold exterior, this ex-Naval Captain truly cares for those who find themselves on his ship. Hardbitten and a crackshot with the naval pistol he can normally be found wielding, Halstrom is a spacer not to be messed with.
First Mate Solis - Ex-planetary security forces, Solis keeps it vague as to which planet and which security force in particular. Probably for the best in a galaxy so riven apart.
"Snake" aka Nikolai Basudev - pilot of the Indignant Sparrow, Snake can usually be found at the helm of the ship during runs, cursing in his mother tongue.
Mokhon - part of the "Public Relations" side of the Indignant Sparrow, Mokhon has recently joined the ship to add some much needed muscle. From a tribal warrior culture, it has taken him time to adjust to a mostly-human crew.

Fardji - a deft hand with ship engines, Fardji has requested that the crew refer to him as "Chief Engineer", with the only issue being that he is the only engineer to be found on the ship...
Postin - another member of the PR team and the ships weaponsmith, Postin has a knack for modifying weaponary of human and alien manufacture with some quite explosive results. Also the crews resident brewmaster. 
Strudwick - a true giant of a man, rumours abound that Strudwick was previously a member of the Galactic Marshals, who undergo extensive gene-modding for them to be better able to combat the various threats to the sentient races of the galaxy. Since the collapse of the governments and organisations that generally funded the Marshals, a number of deserters have found their way onto crews throughout known space. A gentle giant, Strudwick is another member of the crews Public Relations team...


Well, this update has been a long, long time coming! They've been finished for over a month now, but I've been trying to space out the blogposts rather than overloading folks with images. I'm very happy with these - I'll probably add another few to them along the way, as well as a couple of vehicles (from Ramshackle Games - I already have one undercoated and on it's way). Obviously heavily inspired by Firefly and the Star Wars franchise, I'm very happy with the way these have turned out!

I went for an orange theme, after struggling for quite a while to come up with something. It seems to fit quite nicely and contrasts well with the darker skintones. I also sort of had the idea in my head that the Captain chose the colour for his ship "to hide the rust". I had all of the background ideas buzzing around my head whilst painting them - just took a while to get them all put together. The names came from the little black book I now take to work. I note down interesting forenames and surnames in the back of it for the various different games I play - a perfect way of naming your characters...if you happen to work in a callcentre!


  1. Nice looking crew you've got there. What type of crew are they going to be mechanics-wise?

  2. Love the mix of Star Wars miniatures, particularly being re-based, in there. Great stuff.