Monday, 11 April 2011

Approaching things from a slightly different direction...

So, the Wyches have finished in their bath of Fairy Power Spray, they've been re-based and now, re-undercoated in white...

I've also finally picked up a wet palette from eBay. I've been meaning to pick one up for years, but finally went ahead and purchased it to work on the Dark Eldar. Who won't be too dark...
Both the white undercoat and the new palette are an attempt to try something a bit different - I'm wanting a very particular style with the Dark Eldar, rather pastel but with some lovely blood splatters, hopefully these will help towards that.

In entirely unrelated news, I actually finally managed to join a gym! I had my induction yesterday and I plan on going back today for some more cardio. Anything that helps me lose some weight and build up my knees will be brilliant!


  1. Nice. Congrats on heading down the white undercoat route. New stuff always helps things feel fresh. I didn't know there were 'official' wet palettes. I have always just used ice cream tub lids :) Goopd to know.

  2. Yeah there a few companies that make official ones :) Masterson, Winsor and Newton, P3.

    I have used white spray on a few different projects, I've just usually favoured black :)