Thursday, 27 January 2011


Four trips with my dad's decent sized van looking like the one above. My room and the main bathroom are basically sorted and I've collapsed into my beautifully comfortable new bed, whilst the living room-come-kitchen is a bit of a warzone. It's nigh-on 5am here, I've passed the shattered-need-sleep zone and I'm into the "look at silly internet stuff" zone. Sigh.

Normal service will resume shortly - I have a thousand and one projects on the go!


  1. Good to hear it went ok, good picture.

  2. Chris,

    Thanks much for commenting on my blog! I assume you found it via "Steel City Supers" where I have been commenting lately...

    It's always glad to hear about a move that went smoothly. Hope your stash of unpainted miniatures only took up ONE truck load ;)